• "In my various projects with Eileen I have found her to be a consummate professional and lovely human being, delightful to spend time with. Whenever she worked with our clients doing leadership development/training she consistently received excellent ratings and glowing feedback.

    Also Eileen developed and delivered a webinar, Optimism and Positivity: The Leader's Edge in Tough Times, which received the highest ratings of all of our webinars and still receives the most frequent visitors on our website."

    -Jeni Nichols, President, Sonoma Leadership Systems

  • "I have worked with Eileen for some years now as part of a facilitator team for leadership & management programs that she developed for the global Deloitte firm. It was inspiring for me to experience both head & heart in Eileen's authentic leadership style that combines deep intellectual rigour with her compelling personal warmth & sensitivity."

    -Neil Stiles, retired Deloitte partner, Human Capital, New Zealand

  • "Eileen Rogers has an unusual wealth of experience, knowledge, insight and wisdom in the areas of leadership development and culture. These qualities, combined with her gracious and personable nature (and fine sense of humor) mean that anyone lucky enough to know her as an advisor, colleague or friend counts on her as a go-to person for some of the trickiest and most critical aspects of corporate development work on a global scale. It is a pleasure to be one of those lucky people."

    -Robin D. Beckhard, Director of Business Development, Fort Hill Company

  • "Eileen Rogers has a unique and very rich experience in delivering leadership education around the world and always receives top evaluation ratings. I can recommend her to any organization for designing and delivering 21st Century Leadership Programs."

    -Nick van Dam Ph.D., Global Chief Learning Officer, McKinsey & Company

  • "Eileen is a great person to work with. She is smart and intelligent and always willing to explore. She has very good knowledge of soft skills learning like Leadership and Management Excellence Program. Her programs are well received by all participants, fellow facilitators and executives. She is always full of ideas and also ever willing to share her wealth of knowledge with people who work with her. She is a great team player and also a good coach."

    -Alex Ooi, Partner, BDO, Malaysia

  • "Eileen is an excellent learning consultant with depth on leadership and understanding east-west cultural diversity. As a friend I enjoy chatting with her since she always sparkles up inspirational ideas."

    -Olivia Pang, Partner, Deloitte China

  • "Eileen and I worked together at TMC on numerous global clients projects. When I met Eileen I knew immediately that she will bring and establish a global leadership practice. I am happy to say that this is exactly what happened and as a result we obtain numerous interventions from major companies such as Deloitte, Novartis, Honeywell to name a few.

    I had the first hand opportunity to observe her leadership capabilities and the positive results of her organizational leadership on a broad array of global initiatives. Her leadership and commitment to excellence were consistently demonstrated through the consulting and programs that she implemented to the clients she managed worldwide. I personally learned a great deal from her and have benefited from her professional and efficient approach to 'getting the job done' and I owe her a great deal!

    It is my pleasure to recommend Eileen as an invaluable global consultant and executive coach for any company. She is simply a pleasure to work with and one to count on to deliver results!"

    -Danielle Walker, Founder and CEO of TMC

  • "Eileen Rogers is a master learning developer as well as a master facilitator. She continues to develop and deliver high-impact learning throughout the world to disparate groups of high-expectation professionals. She brings leading edge thinking and a lifetime of learning experience to everything she does. I am proud to recommend her work highly."

    Daniel Basil Kerr, CPA, PhD, Global Diversity & Inclusion, Deloitte

  • "Eileen demonstrates every time I have worked with her that she is not only a top class facilitator but also up to date on what are the key attributes required of a leader in today's ever changing profession service marketplace."

    -Gavin Hill, Partner, Deloitte Eastern European Practice