The Global Leader
What does it take to be a global leader?

A strong combination of three critical attributes:

  • Global Business Acumen: The new financial, industry, functional and technical skills needed to navigate a global market characterized by rapid evolution of business models, markets, products, and mergers and acquisitions.
  • Global Mindset: The capacity to engage in boundaryless and synthesizing cognitive processes that identify opportunity and innovation in complexity and make explicit the higher purpose and relevance of the enterprise.
  • Global Citizenship: A potent combination of geographic, political, economic, governmental, legal, cultural, technological and environmental savvy that enables seamless leadership and informs business strategy formulation and execution.

With the advent of the digital age, simply understanding and practicing leadership is not enough. In addition to developing the three critical attributes of a global leader, individuals need to develop the core leadership skills of visioning, aligning, executing, and motivating. One must lead by effectively teaming across multiple borders - whether geographic, national, professional, industry or cultural in order to innovate, create, and achieve.

This is the Global Leader.