Solutions: Executive and Team Coaching
The Personal Benefits of Coaching

The personal benefits of coaching are as wide-ranging as the individuals involved. Engaging with a professional executive coach positively impacts their career as well as their lives by helping them to:

  • Establish and take action towards achieving goals
  • Become more self-reliant
  • Gain more job and life satisfaction
  • Contribute more effectively to the team and the organization
  • Take greater responsibility and accountability for actions and commitments
  • Work more easily and productively with others (boss, direct reports, peers)
  • Communicate more effectively

One-on-one and team coaching is an effective way to achieve success.

Highly experienced in their coaching approach, the LeadershipSigma coaches believe that:

  • The client possesses the answers to any challenge they may face – the coach’s role is to help the client uncover the answers and to offer new ways of framing situations.
  • Effective coaches help clients discover alternatives that empower… the coach’s ability to ask tough, penetrating questions helps the client find new ways to overcome barriers and accomplish key goals.
  • Coaches add value when a client uncovers enabling truths as a result of the coaching process.
  • The client determines the coaching agenda and coaching success.

We help our clients identify and accomplish specific, realizable actions and goals. Let us help you take your employees to the next level.

Our International Coach Federation (IFC) certified executive coaches offer individual and team services in the following areas:


Leadership for Development Coaching
Coaching for Executive Presence
Competency-based Coaching
Global Mobility Coaching


Global Team Coaching
Executive Team Effectiveness Coaching


Coach and Mentor Development
Coaching for Emotional Intelligence
Strengths-based Coaching