Solutions for Individuals:Coaching
Executive Coaching at LeadershipSigma focuses on enhancing client strengths. As executive coaches we uncover and highlight the transformational power of client strengths to help clients validate and and implement their own unique approaches to achieving goals, creating opportunities and optimizing transitions.

As coaches we don’t focus on having the answers. Effective coaches are both sensitive receivers and idea enablers who focus on client goals and resulting success. Ultimately coaching is all about the client and revealing the client’s passion, unique strengths and excellence. We believe that every leader is unique and that discovering their definition of success will guide the coaching process. We know that clients who identify and then systematically build on and deploy their strengths will also address their developmental needs.

Our International Coach Federation (ICF) credentialed executive coaches apply their process expertise on behalf of the client to find congruency between the client’s skills and aspirations. Coaching is about achieving aspirations through the development of specific, realizable actions and goals. While our coaches have specific industry expertise, their real value results from their mastery of the coaching process and related tools rather than their deep knowledge of the clients’ specialty.

Our executive coaches offer services in the following areas:
  • Strengths-Based Executive Coaching
  • Coaching in support of LeadershipSigma Leadership Development Programs
  • 360 Assessment-Based Executive Coaching
  • Competency-Based Executive Coaching
  • Executive Team Effectiveness Coaching
  • Coaching for Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Coaching for Executive Presence
  • Type-Based Coaching
  • Transition Coaching
  • Coach Development and Mentor Coaching
  • As signatories to the ICF Code of Ethics, maintaining confidentiality is an absolute ethical requirement that is essential to building and maintaining trust. To that end, we will only share limited information with a party or parties (if any) that you identify and approve beforehand.

    Our coaches do not judge their clients’ values but appreciate and learn from their individuality. Success is defined by the client and our highly experienced executive coaches are there to hold you accountable as you discover, grow and achieve.

    To further help you make an informed decision about working with LeadershipSigma, here are some of the key values and beliefs that our coaches affirm:
  • The client possesses the answers to any challenge they may face… the coach’s job is to help the client uncover the answers and to offer new ways of framing situations.
  • Effective coaches help clients discover alternatives that empower… the coach’s ability to ask tough, penetrating questions helps the client find new ways to overcome barriers and accomplish key goals. Coaches add value when a client uncovers enabling truths as a result of the coaching process.
  • Clients are healthy, successful individuals who don’t not need to be changed— while coaches may have a background in psychology, they work with healthy clients who do not need to be analyzed or “cured”.
  • Diagnostic instruments/assessments that measure strengths, personality type, competencies, emotional intelligence, etc. are only useful if the client understands and accepts their purpose. The coach’s responsibility is to help the client gain a personal understanding of the results and how these results will inform and accelerate the coaching process.
  • The client determines the coaching agenda and coaching success. Regular check-points and evaluations will be used to measure success and client satisfaction with the process. If the relationship doesn’t appear to be working, it is the coach’s responsibility to discuss that possibility with the client— then to discuss options including finding another coach who might be a better fit for the client.
  • All credit for success goes to the client. Coaches are essentially highly refined catalysts that help their clients tap their own abilities. Coaches do not say “I made Jane a better leader.” Jane became a better leader because of her willingness to engage, take informed risks and be accountable in the coaching process.